About us

Our company is characterized by continuous development since the beginning. Despite any difficulties, we serve our customers through constant development and by the continuous extension of the range of applied technologies.

The ever-growing needs of the customers and the expanding product portfolio require the most effective production and enterprise management processes. This efficiency is not only reflected by the continuous expansion of the plants and the growing number of employees but also in honourable recognitions received from our partners.

Our goal is to continue our way on the road of making innovations based on our experience, thereby continue to be major partners of our customers. It is really important for us, to provide products that are reliable and safe, granting maximum usability and delivering the message of comfort and aesthetics.

1988 Small beginnings…

Our company was born in the garage of our family house, in the village of Fajsz. In the beginning, we were making farming machine parts and furniture supports with the help of the family and a handful of workers. In 1992, we became the first suppliers of Suzuki’s new factory in Esztergom.

1993 Foundation: establishing the company

Working together with one of the largest automotive companies in the world, we got to know the Japanese work culture, efficiency and the KAIZEN theory, which we applied in our own production processes.

The first and second generation of our three member family continued the operation as a business venture.

2001 The Great Leap – New plant with small press workshop

Kisgépes présüzem (épült 2001)

As the quantity of our orders and the quality requirements increased, we had to commence a complete renewal. We have self funded a greenfield investment of a two story building with a 1,600 m2 workshop, conference rooms, offices, and cubicles.

The workshop was built according to the newest labour safety, productio and operation specifications at the time. Now it houses small capacity press machines and two welding chambers. There is a seperated area for product quality control and transport preparation.

2004 Progressive stamping workshop and warehouse

Nagygépes csarnok

Our first workshop kept up with our production capacity requirements for three years, but we had to expand due to increasing demands. By acquiring new plots, we could extend our production area with a 700 m² progressive stamping plant in 2004 and a 700 m² warehouse.

2007 Heavy stamping workshop and canteen

After another three years we have managed to realize our plans for a 700m2 logistics warehouse and a 1,200 m2 stamping workshop, featuring a Japanese KOMATSU servo press with a capacity of 200 tons and custom made 300, 400 and 500 ton presses manufactured by the Italian ZANI SPA, with robotic arm conveyors.

Flexman Robotics made a video in our factory, featuring the robotic arm manipulators in action.

After equipping our workshops with restrooms our next project was to build a canteen for our employees. We have purhased a separate property for our fully equipped kitchen and a dining hall which can accommodate 60 people.

2010 The introduction of robotic technology: robotic welding workshop and workcells

In 2009 we introduced a Yaskawa Motoman welding robot, manufactured by Rehm Kft, which allowed a better quality and more efficient spot welding for our mass produced products.

As the introduction of robotic technology proved to be a success, we decided to build our 600 m2 robotic welding workshop, in spite of the financial crisis of 2008, which was devastating especially for the automotive industry.

The new building featured an automatic resistance welding line by Rehm Kft and two more Yaskawa Motoman welding robots. In 2013 we installed a fourth robot.

2012 Cutting edge technology: ZANI crane workshop and assembly lines

The Japanese expression KAIZEN means „continuous development for a better future”. Following this principle, we decided to invest in a state of the art production hall in 2011.

By the end of 2012, we have finished the 1,000 m2, 11 metre high building, which was named ZANI workshop after the ZANI stamping machine line it was equipped with.

We already had a 500 ton press machine with a robotic arm manipulator and expanding our production line with 400, 500, 630 and 1,200 ton ZANI machines meant we could undertake jobs with bigger and more complex auto body parts.

We plan to acquire more, high performance stamping machines in the future, along with robotic manipulators and transfer equipment.

Machine operation is aided by a 12,5 ton overhead crane and waste removal lines, which are sunk in the foundations.


Short video about the plant opening ceremony from CNCMedia:

Our previous workshop located in the center of Fajsz remained operational and started supplying JOHNAN UK as a subcontractor, producing the electronic rear window for SUZUKI vehicles.

This was another technological milestone with new challenges and prospects for development.

2015 Site expansion and transfer tehnology

Utilizing spectacular architectural solutions, our canteen building, which was built in 2007, was transformed into a community space with a conference hall and an exhibition, showcasing the history of our company.

Regular maintenance and proper storage of our production tools guarantee economic and flawless manufacturing. Expert care and professional storage is a must. This is why we decided on building a new warehouse, where we can store our tools and instruments and save space in our workshops.

We have equipped two of our stamping machines with transfer solutions in order to reduce physical work and guarantee flawless manufacturing. Parts are transferred between the stamping machine and the production tools by an instrument created by ZANI SPA and NORDA SPA in a joint effort, increasing the efficiency of the stamping machine.