Production of automotive body parts

Our company mainly :

produces pressed and welded body parts for the automotive industry, by metalworking, welding and finishing processes.

The essence of the process is to first cut the 0,5-5 mm thick, different quality steel rolls into different sized parts and shapes.

After that, we produce the semi-finished or finished parts from the prepared material, using a step by step or progressive technology pressing or punching on a punch-press machine.

The pressed parts are then assembled by our experienced welding experts, with resistant welding machines and four YASKAWA MOTOMAN robot welding machines, and if needed, supplemented with fasteners.

Some parts are galvanized in the last stage of the process. Assembly processes were added to our portfolio in 2013.

Our machinery – 2020. september


Our presses

Type and PowerSizePcs
DKS-25T Excenter375×5006
DKS 40T Excenter450×6301
LEN 40T Excenter530×6604
DKS 63T Excenter520×7004
LEN 63T Excenter620×80012
DKS 100T Excenter630×8501
LEXN 100T Excenter640×10004
LEPA 100T Excenter690×10403
AIDA 110T Excenter680×17801
LEK 160T Excenter680×16401
LEK 160T Excenter690×10001
LDC 160T Excenter780×20002
AIDA 200T Excenter680X18801
KOMATSU 200T Servo850×21501
LEK 250T Excenter800×18001
LDC 250T Excenter880×24502
LKT 250T Excenter1200×15851
ZANI 300T Excenter1100×20002
ZANI 400T Excenter1100×20001
ZANI 400T Excenter1200×25001
ZANI 400T MotionMaster1400×30001
GALDABINI EVL-400B Hidraulikus 400 T2000×16001
ZANI 500T Excenter1250×30001
ZANI 500T Excenter1400×35001
ZANI 630T MotionMaster1400×35001
ZANI 630T MotionMaster1800×40001
ZANI 1200T ServoMaster1800×45001
Total 57

Our welding machines

P2020 kVA1
ZPF25 kVA1
P8-63040 kVA2
P 32 –PN250 kVA1
PF 15150 kVA1
PF 16160 kVA4
142-07360 kVA1
PF 18180 kVA11
142-147150 kVA1
PF181 Inverter88 KVA1
PF181 Inverter90 KVA2
PMP6-5 20090165 NIMAK130 KVA1
TECNA6128N inverter160 KVA2
TECNA 00252180 KVA1
Yaskawa Motoman ponthegesztő robotcella 4
Fanuc R2000iC165 ponthegesztő robotcella 4
Fanuc ArcWorld2 V2-500D3 ívhegesztő robotcella 1
Total 39