Pata József alapító

József Pata

Founder 1940-2017

„In my opinion what distinguishes successful people from unsuccessful ones is that they carry on, where others have already given up. This thought accompanied me during
my career and I have always tried to teach it to people who are close to me. For me problems don’t exist, I only see challenges, which can help me to achieve my goals.

In the words of Ábrahám Ganz:
»Our enthusiasm is our strength. And this is above all!«”

Dr. Ildikó Pata

Founder – Managing Director

„I believe that taking over something, keeping it and continue to build it is at least as difficult as creating it.
I am aware of my responsibilities and have the intention, perhaps even the strength to continue the development of the brand built by my father.
I am committed to maintaining and further enhancing our leading role in the market of automotive part production in Hungary.

My Motto:
»If we can’t climb a mountain, we can still move it.«”

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